Who We Are

About Us

Souktrain is a training arm of Souktrain Systems Limited. Souktrain Systems Limited was incorporated as a limited liability company on February 11, 2022 with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) under the Companies and Allied Matters Act of 2020.

Souktrain Systems Limited is a research and development/ education company. Our partners and resource persons are successful business owners, researchers, as well as, human capital development mentors, personal finance, practical teachers and coaches. Leading the team is Emmanuel THOMAS Esq.

What We Do

The Souktrain Community

At Souktrain community, we take our members by the hand and lead them through the rigorous training process of acquiring the knowledge, skills and tools necessary for starting, building and growing businesses, investing, sales and marketing. If you want to be an entrepreneur, joining our community will equip you with the tools; the skill-sets, the mind-sets and the resources you need to start your business – even from the scratch, grow it and make it strive despite everything the experts say about the economy.

Join an Entrepreneur’s Network. Birds of a feather do indeed flock together. Surrounding yourself with fellow entrepreneurs and like-minded people provide for you the support, encouragement, ideas, inspiration, guidance and the leadership needed to navigate your path successfully through the numerous pitfalls of business operation. When you interact and learn first-hand, the practical business lessons from those who have done, and are still doing what you want to do, you are well equipped to avoid their mistakes and therefore able to capitalize on their successes and cause your experience to soar at the expense of others.


• Think like a business owner and investor
• Build and harness the power of a business B-I Triangle
• Build systems that leverage your efforts, time and resources
• Build a firm foundation for future successes, etc.

Our Mission

To create successful entrepreneurs in every continent who work together in love to transform individuals, cities and nations of the world into better and fulfilling people to live with, and places to live in.

Our Vision

To create 1 billion successful entrepreneurs in every continent of the world; entrepreneurs who are by their words and deeds, blessings and inspiration to the world and the people around them.

What We Practice and Teach!

Financial experts support or help you to to find out which
way you can raise your funds more.

  • Entrepreneurship Education
  • Human Potential Development
  • Financial Literacy Education
  • Coaching / Mentoring
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Networking

Our business & Commitment

Our Business

We are in the business of preserving and improving human lives, human values and human dignity. Our success in business means victory against ignorance, poverty and mediocrity and the elevation of human lives, values and dignity.

Our Commitment

We are committed to making sure that our clients/ affiliates/ customers leave us: Satisfied, Happy and Joyous.