Our Policy

Return to Vendor / Return to Inventory

Once marked as “Failed Delivery” and the package is untouched by the customer, it would be sent to the Return Hub un-tampered for pick up. If the package has been opened by our customer, it will be retrieved and sent to Souktrain Warehouse where it will be quality checked and returned into our inventory.

The confirmation email would include the number of items processed for pick up & the scheduled date. It is your responsibility to ensure that the list of items given to you in the warehouse matches the list received in the confirmation sent to you. If it does not match, please raise a claim with the list of items collected. 


Once the vendor has received a confirmation email that items have been processed for return pick-up, the vendor has 15 days to pick-up these items or the items will be considered forfeited by the vendor. The vendor is responsible for the to and fro shipment of all returned items and/ or re-shipment of replacement items. If for the reasons of negligence and/ or false claims about products on the part of the vendor, items belonging to a particular vendor are returned two times within any 12 calendar months, the vendor shall be declared illegible to sell on the Souktrain marketplace. Such vendor(s) shall be deleted with or without notice.